5 Best Tips For Keeping Your Windshield Frost-Free

//5 Best Tips For Keeping Your Windshield Frost-Free

5 Best Tips For Keeping Your Windshield Frost-Free

One of the worst parts of winter is getting bundled up and heading out into the cold to clear your windshield. Some people combat this issue by using their remote starts, but not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy this feature.

At Sun Block, we’re all about keeping your vehicle safe and happy, through cold and heat. Here are the top 5 tips to keeping your visibility up, and your windshield frost-free over the winter.


Did you know that your defroster can work whether it’s a cold winter day and your windshield is frozen, or it’s a hot summer day and your windows are fogged?

Your vehicle comes equipped with two defrosters, and they both work a little differently. Your front defroster works by circulating air and blows it across your windshield. Your rear defroster is electrically charged and generates heat through the use of electricity.

Your defrosters are designed as a hands-free way to remove ice and frost from your windows by using your heater. But this isn’t an instant process, so turn on your heaters, flip the heat to your defrosters (and don’t forget the rear window), then run back inside and soak up some heat.


This is important; don’t use metal scrapers! Metal scrapers have a chance to scrape and damage your windshield, which can turn into costly repairs.

It’s important to note that your defroster won’t de-snow your windshield. If it has just snowed, your best bet is to get a hold of a plastic scraper and remove the snow from your vehicle.

You can also use the scraper to scrape off ice from your windshield, reducing the amount of work your defroster has to do.


Icy windshields can become a real problem, but there’s a quick solution to get rid of the ice with a really simple 2 ingredient car de-icer.

What you need to make a car de-icer:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 cups of vinegar or rubbing alcohol
  • Spray bottle

Spray this on your frozen windshield and give it a few minutes. You’ll notice that the ice will begin to thin out, break up, and melt. You’ll then be able to scrape off your windshield with minimal effort.


One of the best ways to protect your windshield from icy situations is a windshield snow/ice guard. These guards are designed to protect your glass from icing up during cold temperatures.

If this is an option for you, consider investing in a windshield guard that has a reflective backside. During the day, you can place the guard on the inside of your vehicle to create a reflective coating. This will reflect sunlight out through your window and create heat, preventing ice from forming.


Whatever you do, it’s critical that you never use hot water on your windshield. The sudden temperature difference can crack and shatter your windshield, once again resulting in a big, costly mess.

Did you know that tint can help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter? SunBlock Inc has been helping customers with their window tinting needs since 1992. If you have any questions, contact Sun Block for more information.

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