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We’ve Got Your Business Covered

We offer the same Vista film we offer homeowners, as well as our decorative Llumar brand of films. We can apply films that provide a privacy barrier for our clients, as well as film that gives windows a custom designer look, without the high price tags. For our contractor clients, we can apply Llumar Magnum window film to bring non-tempered glass up to code without having to buy another piece of glass. Some of our commercial clientele include Sun Trust Bank, Whitehall-Robins Pharmaceuticals, Dominion Virginia, Koger Office Centers, Outback Restaurant, Chippenham Hospital, Newport News Airport, Chesterfield Town Center, The Capitol Building, Monticello, Maymont, Longwood University, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. We also provide window tinting for all Virginia State Police K9 vehicles. We can provide you with a list of references customized for your job upon request.

The Advantages

Below is a list of all of the advantages you get when using our window film!

Stops lots of the sun’s heat from entering your building

Makes your building less expensive to cool

Can reduce the eyestrain and fatigue associated with glare

Improves Value and Appearance

Extends the life of HVAC system by saving wear and tear and associated maintenance

Reduces the temperature imbalances in your building

Helps maintain the appearance of carpeting, woodwork, and furnishings

Gives windows a uniform look without the clutter of drapes and blinds

Keeps the interior of your building looking newer longer

Reduces heat, ultraviolet and visible light – the main contributors to fading

Prevents window areas from becoming hot & cold spots

Controls amount of sunlight entering the window

Allows for more usable space in the building

Reduces HVAC Operational Costs

Energy savings of up one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of window treated with film Reduces Glare

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