Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Tint for your Office

When you think of window tinting, it doesn’t always have to be for cars! Tinting can be applied to just about any form of glass or window. Today we’re stepping away from tinting cars and focusing on the top reasons you should consider tinting for your workspace or office building.

1. Window Tint can Cut Down on Solar Heating

First, if your building boasts a lot of natural light, chances are you have a lot of windows. Commercial HVAC systems can have a hard time cooling your office space, especially in the summertime. Because of the properties of sunsets, this problem is really prevalent if your building has south-facing windows. Window tinting helps your cooling system regulate your building’s indoor temperature and keeping the cool evenly dispersed.

2. Window Tint Can Help Reduce Glare

There’s nothing that’s much better than working in natural light, but sunlight glare can really put a damper on things, especially if you use electronic screens in your work. Tint absorbs heat and reflects light; on top of a cooler building, tint allows for a working space that’s easy and safe on the eyes.

3. Window Tint can Help Boost Safety and Security

Window tint has evolved over the years. Today’s technology allows for tint that lets you see out but prevents people from seeing in. This helps with your privacy and the security of your business. Window tint properties can also contain shattered glass from spreading should your window be broken. This is true for building windows and car windows.

4. Window Tint can Help Keep your Valuables Safe

Sunlight can be a dangerous thing. Window tinting can help keep the UV rays out of your building to prevent your furniture and arts from fading. Or worse…

5. Tint Can Enhance the Look of your Office

As if all the other reasons weren’t enough, tinting can greatly increase the aesthetics of your office building. This is especially important if there are clients or customers that enter your working space.

Sunblock Tinting offers a lifetime warranty for all of our tinting. Give us a call at 804-379-4123 and let’s talk about what window tinting can do for you, your employees and your building.