Privacy Window Film

Providing more than just privacy in your home or office.

A privacy film is an adhesive window film that is opaque to ensure that no one sees through it from the outside. It is an increasingly popular feature among commercial and residential design projects.

If you find yourself closing the blinds to prevent the sun’s glare or heat, or turning down the AC to avoid high energy bills you should consider the benefits of privacy window film. From safety to decorative enhancements, a professional privacy window installation company will match a client to the film that will suit their needs best. Below are different types of privacy film along with their individual benefits to help you decide which professional privacy window film installation is right for you.

In addition to privacy, a window tinting film has the following benefits:

1. Reducing Glare

Even though direct sunlight feels good and reduces the need for artificial lights, too much of it creates an uncomfortable glare plus heat that can make it hard to relax, sleep, or work without having to close the blinds or draw down the curtains. This is especially true during summer. A black and white window film will assist you in getting rid of the excessive sunlight and glare while not blocking out the natural light.

2. Protection from UV rays

The sun’s UV rays have been linked to causing skin problems such as cancer. While it is routine to wear sunblock when venturing out during the day, one cannot be expected to do the same while indoors. By using a tinted window film, you will successfully block out 99% of these harmful rays.

3. Privacy

The tinted window film’s thin layer makes the inside private without compromising on light. As such, windows and doors that have clear glass and face the street are excellent candidates for tinted films. Moreover, offices that have small and clustered cabins can make use of privacy films to offer personal space to the employees while avoiding any interruptions.

4. Decorative Appearance

These window films add a decorative element to your home while concealing the inside. Some of these window films mimic the appearance of expensive windows, but for less than half the cost. Additionally, a vinyl decorative film on commercial buildings can communicate your company’s name and brand to a large audience with big impact.

Types of Privacy Window Films:

1. Solar Control Film

Also known as a Low-E film, its core purpose is to block out UV rays. When left exposed to UV rays, your furnishings and décor will eventually fade. This film also increases your home’s energy efficiency. And even though the film blocks out harmful rays and heat from accessing your home, they still allow natural light in. And because they ensure that less heat is conducted through the window, they are also beneficial during winter.

2. Security Film

Apart from discouraging potential intruders from peering into your home due to their tinted nature, security films also add a layer of strength to the glass. Ordinary glass usually shatters on impact; however, windows that have security film do not shatter. Even though the glass still breaks, the film holds the pieces together thus making it more difficult for the intruder to gain entry through the broken window.

3. Decorative Film

The decorative window film is the thinnest of all films and is used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home using textures and various designs. It also increases the interior’s privacy.

4. One Way Mirror Window Film

This film offers you a one-way mirror effect. It allows the person inside to see through the glass while the people outside can only see a mirror finish. This is the type of window you see at the police department. The one being interrogated cannot see those outside the room, while the people standing outside can see them.

5. Blackout Window Film

Unlike the mirror window film where you can peer inside under the right lighting conditions, a blackout window film completely obscures the glazed area such that no light can pass through. This film is ideal in situations where you do not want anyone knowing what goes inside that area.

A privacy window film is a useful addition to the home due to its numerous benefits. Additionally, there are many types of this film, each with a specific purpose it serves. To ensure you get one that will suit your needs best, it is imperative that you seek the advice of a professional window tinting installation company. Sun Block is the leading window tinting solutions provider in Central Virginia. We provide efficient solutions for residential and commercial buildings, as well as for your car. Our designs have been taken through rigorous tests to ensure they offer you optimal service and privacy while cutting down on your energy consumption. Schedule a free consultation here.

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